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June 29, 2011  -  Weddings

delaney + adam

While we've been doing this crazy thing called wedding photography, we've had brides pick their wedding date around our availability, which is insanely flattering!! We've had a few brides choose us before they had a venue or church. We've even, believe it or not, been hired by multiple couples for their second weddings - their first was in secret and the second for their families and friends. But only once have we had a bride hire us before she was even engaged. And that brings us to Delaney + Adam. When they first came to meet us and we asked how they got engaged, they told us they weren't. Which was, to say the least, a little surprising, but I get it. Rich and I had been talking about getting engaged and knew we were getting married without an official engagement, but I think they'll probably continue to have the honor of being the only couple who's ever booked us before being engaged. :)
Niagara Square Wedding Photo
I couldn't be more excited that they did, too. I don't know if you guys are back from St. Lucia yet, A + De, but I can't wait for you guys to see your photos. Adam is one of the most relaxed, kind, friendly dudes I've gotten to work with and Delaney was kindof the perfect bride. She knew exactly what she wanted on her wedding day, who she wanted to have close around her, how she wanted the day to progress and she made it all happen pretty effortlessly (well, I know it obviously takes a TON of effort to make it all look that effortless - but that makes it all the more impressive!).
Getting ready photographs Hyatt
Hah! You pulled this for the blog?? The makeup artist, Chrystal, turns around while you were shooting details and says, "Hey, can I see a quick photo of Delaney?" I've never been asked that before, so I was like, "uh, okay, :click:" But the crazy part is, this all happens within a second and Delaney just real quick turns to me and is like, LOOK AT ME, I AM AN AWESOME BRIDE AND I WILL STARE YOU DOWN! As Tyra would say, that was totally fierce.
Buffalo Bride
Haha! You just publicly admitted an intimate knowledge of what happens on ANTM!! I think sometimes you forget this is available for people to read and isn't just us talk/writing in the living room. :) But yeah, she killed it. And I liked that the mua asked that - I knew she was rad when we walked in and saw her doing the makeup in a room with just window light - a lot of times, we see people getting makeup done under fluorescent lights which can make makeup look completely different than it'll look say, outdoors, so it's super rad to do it in natural light.

I loved their details - and Delaney had this KILLER gray bag with a peonie on it (her gorgeous wedding flowers, too!) - Etsy, of course. I can spend so much time (and money!) there.
Buffalo BLING
Delaney was the last to have her makeup done while her girls were ready, and I walk out into the other room, and a bunch of them have a Scategories game going. One looks up and says, "I know, we're an exciting bunch, huh?" Actually, I thought it was so rad - I love that game, and it was against every competitive bone in my body to jump in - luckily we were shooting, though - and I pretty much want to do nothing else when we're shooting!
More wedding photographs from Buffalo
Scategories! That's how you know it's going to be a pretty epic wedding day :).

And, FINALLY, we got to shoot inside a church we drive/walk past pretty much every day of our lives - the Unitarian Universalist Church on Elmwood. We've had weddings initially planned for there a couple times, and then the church venue changed.

This old church is a joy to shoot in. And if you take a wrong step coming down from the balcony, you will break 37 different bones. Which I almost did twice during the ceremony. Seriously - if you go in there, look for the stairs to the balcony, they're a death trap.

But also, just look at the place - it's a killer church and the ceremony was incredible.
Unitarian Universalist Church in Buffalo, NY
Yeah - I was definitely more than stoked when we finally (FINALLY) got inside. It's gorgeous! And it was a beautiful, perfect ceremony on a beautiful, perfect day.
Buffalo Wedding Photography  - Elmwood Village
You guys were so much fun to shoot - they had a great timeline with everything located downtown, so we had time to hit up a couple different spots before heading to Pearl Street.
More Niagara Square wedding photographs
Killer city hall portraits
We had planned to hit up a couple spots D+A wanted to go to, but we spotted this awesome street and called Adam to see if the limo could bring them over to us - and I was so, so, so excited that not only was the timeline relaxed enough we could stop here, but luckily Adam answered his cell, so we were able to make this work, because I'm in love with the shots here!
Buffalo wedding photograph
Communication is key. Especially when your wedding photographers are prone to seeing shiny stuff and stopping for more photos.
More wedding photography
So, I have to say I'd forgotten there was a festival at the waterfront when D+A said they wanted to stop here - and as soon as I saw the plushie walking toward us, I started saying, "oh no, oh no, oh no," under my breath, but he literally just walked in to our photos, so now D+A will always have a wedding photo with a plushie fish with legs and a baseball. Thanks, random guy, for that. (And thanks, D+A for not being as totally weirded out as I was!)
Naval Park Buffalo Photographs
Oh, no - De was definitely weirded out. If ever someone were to make a cute, little pepper spray dispenser for brides, I think we could market it with those photos. JUST SAY NO to walking into some wedding photos uninvited if you're wearing a giant whatever-the-hell-that-thing-is suit. That was odd.

And then to Pearl Street. And it's been said before. And, surely, we're going to say it again. Natalie and her crew at Pearl Street are wonderful. And available and around all night to make sure everything is going perfectly. That's a hell of a well-run establishment, but I don't have to tell you that if you've ever been there. I'm psyched we have it here in Buffalo.
Pearl St reception
Wedding reception photos from Pearl Street Bar and Grill
Yeah - I'm definitely never disappointed when folks tell us they're planning there. There's just no where else around that has the industrial-like feel with the exposed brick and wrought iron and wood. It's just great textures, but as you said - the folks there are what makes it so awesome. The run a pretty epic wedding day.
Delaney Lowery and Adam Greico wedding in Buffalo
And speaking of people making a great wedding. There's something really important I notice at successful wedding receptions (i.e., everyone has a great time, it's a good balance all the way around of fun and family, etc). The couple is being out-going and getting around the room and dancing and showing everyone else what they want their reception to be. Nothing is more true at a wedding reception than the fact that guests will always take their cue from the couple. And Adam and De worked the room and had a KILLER reception.

Oh, and we snagged them as the sun was getting beautiful and warm. Because you can't have that fourth-floor balcony and not use it...
Photographs on the Pearl Street balcony
I can't even begin to tell you how in love I am with that photo of D + her dad above. You KILLED it babe. Seriously, I love it. Thanks for being so awesome to work with and live with.
You're cool.
I dig ya. ;D
First dance photos
Hah - okay, I swear I didn't write that myself, even though Alyssa just had to run out the door this morning with the boys for a lunch date. But thanks, in absentia :).
Crazy dancing shots
Delaney and Adam had Biggs Sounds and Entertainment Djing, and those guys were great. The dance floor got going in a hurry and didn't stop. I love this stuff and I love shooting nights like this.

Thank you both, so much, for booking us what seems like a lifetime ago and for being such a classic couple to work with. You guys are smart, funny and super talented. Thank you again :)
Buffalo weddings rock

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