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March 27, 2009  -  Engagements

keith + stacy

We don't really do engagement shoots in two parts unless the weather really, really, really kicks our collective butt, which is exactly what happened with Keith and Stacy when we first go together with them...last year. It was a rainy, nasty and horribly cold day so we took a few photographs and then decided to postpone for a re-shoot. It took a while to get our schedules matched back up (and for the weather to get a little warmer), but this weekend we got to shoot with them again...
These are a handful from our first shoot, taken in back of the Erie County Historical Society to try and stay covered and dry before we gave up. You're going to notice a few things about Stacy - she is not only really, really vibrant in photographs (man, is she going to be fun to shoot on her wedding day!) but she is constantly cracking up...
Yeah, when I was selecting blog images, I started questioning my choices... I love showing couples in love and romantic, wistful images, but almost all the images I picked for this post were really fun, because I can't resist Stacy's smile. Seriously killer!
It was funny looking through both the photo shoots -- Stacy and Keith looked so happy and vibrant that I completely forgot it was so unforgivingly cold and wet we had to stop shooting. And when I was looking through the photos this weekend, I got toward the end of the shoot and was wondering what these little white dots were all over the photos - yeah, it was snow. But, again, they were so amazing in front of the camera that I'd completely forgotten it was a pretty nasty day again!

When we got together this weekend, Stacy and Keith suggested we shoot down at the Marina. For those of you paying attention, that was two photo shoots two days apart at the same place. I like to think our photos are as individual as our couples, but I was nervous about the shoots looking similar. After all, since we'd been there the day before, all the things that worked well were going to be fresh in our brains, and I didn't want to repeat shots. So, I made a concerted effort to come up with completely different stuff, and instead of being nervous about the shoot, I really looked forward to the challenge of doing something completely different (like the opening shot to this post was in the same crazy observation tower). It ended up being a blast.
We do shoot a ton, and it's really important to us that we keep from being repetitive. That said, every couple we work with is completely unique and has their own incredible story of how they came to be together and in love. I think, for the most part, just letting a couple get relaxed in front of our lenses and taking what moments are offered to us is how we do our best work. You can always tell when a smile is forced or a tender moment is completely orchestrated and that just wouldn't be what a couple like Keith and Stacy are all about.
I really do like shooting around the naval park downtown...but it would be really cool if maybe the city hadn't hired the Taliban to do the demolition on the Aud.
Yeah, it does look crazy - I wish we had gotten in on the seat purchasing. "Hello, welcome to our studio, have a seat in our row of old Aud chairs." Sweet! So, have I mentioned how much I love a couple who laugh together? And I love when my lame, lame jokes find an audience! I'm so funny. Hello open mic night!
I love the blue of these windows!
You are hilarious, my love. Most of our humor is either super self-deprecating or a little dry, so I really appreciate a couple who laughs along. We decided to give Woodlawn Beach a shot for a few more photos before Keith and Stacy had to head to something like 13 straight hours of Pre-Cana. The beach itself looks kindof like a landfill right now, but we always dig this pathway down to the lake.
So, we get down to the beach, and there is this totally windswept dune that I totally NEEDED to have Keith and Stacy on. Apparently walking up a sand dune in heals isn't the most easy thing in the world. :)
Favorite alert! I absolutely love, love, love this shot!
Hey - it made for a really pretty photograph!
I saw this on a tree we were shooting on and around and felt it was appropriate...I'm kindof superstitious, so hopefully this is a sign of good luck for Keith and Stacy :).
By the end of the shoot it was sleeting/raining (slaining?) and the sky got super overcast. We took a few shots by the train tracks to no where at Woodlawn and called it a wrap. Stacy. Keith. Thank you so much for bearing with us on TWO less than stellar weather days and doing it with huge smiles on your faces. It's humbling to have clients who trust us as much as you guys do, and if I have to borrow some of those crazy rockets the Chinese used during the Olympics - it WILL NOT PRECIPITATE on your wedding day.

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