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October 23, 2009  -  Weddings

laura + jon

We got to hit up Timberlodge again this month for Laura and Jon's wedding... it's such a cool fall place, so we were pretty excited to get back to there to photograph. We started at a friend of Laura's mom's (their life-long hairdresser) house, and Rich and I headed outside for some detail shots. We shot the dress, and as I was setting up the shoe shot, this little lady bug came wandering over. Rich totally rolled his eyes at me and was like, oh, fine. I'm taking the dress back in... :)
I also couldn't resist the big, blue fall sky we had going on that day...
I totally dorked out when Laura was getting her hair done - seriously, she was missing the crown of foliage and she would've been a spitting image for Marian at her wedding in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the greatest movie of all time.
Jon is an artist and Laura and Jon do a lot of dancing together - and artistic versions of them dancing was kind of a theme of the day...
People - do NOT encourage this Robin Hood stuff - I never would have bought Alyssa the dvd if I thought mentioning the movie was going to be a regular blog thing.
Buff State holds a lot of memories for Jon and his friends, so after some time getting the tuxedos together at a local hotel, we hit up the campus for some groomsmen shots prior to heading to the grand wedding shindig. It was really cool - I don't get to shoot groomsmen stuff like this all that often since the wedding day timeline can get pretty compressed...and, well, guys usually just prefer to hang out and have some beers - so I really appreciate that I got to do some funky stuff over on the campus.
I think it was cool for the guys to reminisce, too. I was reminded early this morning about how important college friendships are. My very first friend from college died last night and I'd let the intervening years overtake us and we hadn't seen each other in way, way too long. My point being, you have to keep those friendships alive and get together and talk about that time when you were all first coming together as adults and whatnot. Looking at these photos now reminds me of all that and I don't mean to be a downer on your wedding post, guys - I just want to mention that you gotta keep your boys (and girls) close.
On a much brighter note - you rocking the tilt-shift during the ceremony gets me going...
It was a really, really beautiful day - the epitome of a perfect Fall wedding.
If you have a friend who can play an instrument - you gotta get them involved! Getting to walk back up the aisle to some awesome jamming, was a really nice way to end the ceremony.
Yeah, I love that shot babe... so we did some rather quick family shots before we grabbed the bridal party and Laura and Jon for some couple's stuff.
The light was just perfect and Laura and Jon let us play for a while despite it being about 40 degrees out (yikes, B-lo!).
Smoking, freakin hot.....
Yeah, I could've easily just done a post with only their couple's session - they looked KILLER...
Sometime we should do that. I do love shooting all parts of the wedding day - but let me drop a not-at-all subtle message for any and all future couples. Let's do a couples session the day of your wedding, okay? If you want to give us an hour of your time - we will make some awesome frames with you. If you can only spare a few minutes because of your timeline, we get it, it's your wedding day - not your "let the photographers dick around for an hour" day - but if you can build in some time for us - I think you'll often find that mini-session will yield some of your favorite stuff (not mention it's what our engagement photography session is all about prepping for, you know?). Speaking of favorite stuff - the next two images are def my winners...
I love willow trees like I love tall grass... it's always super fun to play with... so I'm trying to concentrate on writing this, but we're currently dog sitting our friend's something-with-hound-in-it, and I'm dying... she's braying, and I've never had a dog do that before...
Again, with Jon being an artist, he made this cake topper of him and Laura dancing - I love, love, love this, so clearly it was the perfect thing for a ring shot!
It's not just artistic license that the cake topper wasn't a couple standing statically (I mean, c'mon, the height difference was even worked into the sculpture). These two get DOWN on the dance floor. (I wasn't going to mention Clark's dog - but I do think she's helping the other two organize and plot against us)
Yeah, they swing dance and rocked it out for their first dance. It was really fun.
I normally wouldn't include a walking-around-talking-to-guests shot on the blog, but I loved this...
And then it was on to dancing...
Kindof a cool your shot, my shot, huh?
This is the two of them doing the polka. Note: they did not take lessons to learn to polka... Laura said that historically they'll just jump around the dance floor during the polka, and they did, but if you were watching casually, you totally would've thought they had it down.
Epic dance circle time...
Rich was saying the other day that there aren't enough high-5's in the world (we think because of the failure rate vs. the fist pound), so I pulled this one for you babe!
And the dance floor was pretty crowded, so, despite the cold, this couple moved the dancing outside, and I just adored this shot. Laura and Jon, thank you again for having us with you - your day was so much fun, and we hope you had a killer time on your honeymoon!

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