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October 7, 2009  -  Weddings

meredith + josh

So, I'm talking to Josh finding out where and when he wants us to start shooting for his wedding day, and he doesn't have the actual address of the salon. He tells me the name and gives me the street and plaza it's in, and I tell him no worries - I can look up the address. We're googling the salon, Shazaam, and I cannot find it anywhere. There's a Shazaam salon in Ontario, but I cannot find the address on google, so we just head over to the plaza. I figure, it's a new salon and they don't have a web presence, yet. We kind of laugh about the name - like, Shazaam, now you're beautiful! It's a funny name, but we've seen some funny named salons, so we take it in stride. As we're pulling into the plaza, and Rich is looking at the signs of the businesses in the plaza, and he says, did you mean Chez Ann Salon, Alyssa? Yes, clearly, I'm a moron. Chez Ann is clearly when Josh said, not Shazaam. Oy. Anyway, so we started out Josh and Meredith's wedding day at Chez Ann Salon in Williamsville.
Shazam!! I have been waiting so patiently to make fun of you for that. Priceless.
Meredith was funny - she's a very natural girl and wanted light, light makeup and her hair down, and I thought the hair dressers were going to have a coronary. They were pretty aghast that she wouldn't agree to even half-up, and then I realized almost no one wears their hair just down and curled for a wedding, but I don't see why not. I think her hair looked stunning - and for a ponytail girl like me, just down IS the ultimate dressed up hairdo. I think she looked perfect!
I was doing the meanwhile thing with the guys, of course. Josh had booked out a local hotel that is pretty rad - shooting some hoops in tuxedos prior to the wedding? Win.
We headed over to the Asa Ransom House in Clarence to get Meredith ready, and it is stunning. I'd never been there, and is absolutely my favorite place! I walked in and saw this wall of books, and was like, uh, yeah, this'll do!
This would be Meredith's reaction to her friends trying to fix the hook on her dress that fell apart. I love, love, love brides who don't stress about stressful things on their wedding day!
Joshua and Meredith decided to do a first look before hand in the gardens outside the Ransom House. When first looks started becoming more popular in this area, I was a little indifferent to them. Now, I'm a big supporter. I think they make the day more relaxed and less stressful. Maybe it's because you need to be ready much earlier so there's no stress of anyone not being ready or it's because you've already seen and dealt with the emotions of seeing your soon-to-be spouse for the first time (and not had to have 200 people watching that emotional moment), but I love first looks!
Obvious alert: Wedding days are super emotional. Admission: I wept like an 8-year-old girl who just had her little brother cut the braids off her favorite Barbie at our wedding. I was a total frickin mess. If you're like me, you might like a chance to get super emotional with your soon-to-be with only a couple of shutter clicks in your moment. If it was something we'd thought about, we would have done it, too.
So, so beautiful :)
I've always been an all-white flower fan, and this bouquet did not disappoint! Gorgeous!
Hey guys, we didn't forget about you!
After we did some of our bridal/groom's party thing, we got a few minutes to spend with just josh and mere for some relaxed shots of just the two of them...favorite part of our day, for sure.
We were doing their bridal party shots, and I had taken Josh and Meredith away for a minute to do something with just them, and when I started setting up my next shot, I looked back, and they were just hanging out, but perfectly set up for this group shot. So, this is a spontaneous formal! :)
Heart-shaped cut-out in a bench...dangerously, borderline cheesy - but I don't care, this is my favorite shot.
Joshua and Meredith had their wedding and reception over at the Timberlodge - it's such a good fall spot. It's really rustic, yet elegant. And when we walked in and saw their cake, I clapped a little! I think that this cake is just stunning... not an overwhelming amount of flowers, and the piped detailing (I don't know what it's called!!) is perfectly done! I love this cake!
and her aisle shots...

It was an emotional day - even though they did the first look, they still, very clearly, had a lot of emotion at the start of the ceremony, because, well, it was the start of their wedding ceremony!
I loved it - nice shots :)
Love this moment of yours, Rich. One of my favorite moments of the day...
Meredith later told us she was totally thinking about a photo when she was up there, because during the very first kiss, her veil blew over and completely covered her and she brushed her veil back and went in for another smooch - good lookin out!!
+1 moment after!
We don't often include an entrance shot, but most entrances aren't under a big slideshow of their lives and a super fun silhouette because they're walking in from outside! It was too fun to pass up!
First dance LOVE.
I know you love the one above me (why don't I have a head that is pointing up?) most, but I love this one of yours most. Super good.
Thank you :) Our couples are so cute, I just press a button,
So, then it was time for dancing. And when the dancing started, so did Josh. Rich and I were talking, and we'd never seen one person so clearly the life of a party. Seriously, I think if Josh had been the sit-at-the-bar groom, the party would've collapsed, but instead it was a really fun, energetic and killer party, and Josh was absolutely a blast to shoot!
(In case you're wondering - this is the pre-garter dancing warmup!)
And then he finally goes for the garter!
Did we mention Josh was the LIFE of the party? We could have multiple blog posts just of Josh dancing and getting everyone having a good time. It was infectious, I was smiling, you were smiling, the whole place was smiling. It was a great. great wedding reception.
Sorry, dude - I couldn't help myself with this parting chicken dance shot...Thank you guys for being so damned cool and so damned fun to work with. We really felt welcomed all day and made our jobs a lot less job-like for the day. Thank you, thank you :) We can't wait to show you the rest...

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