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June 24, 2011  -  Portraits

greg + dave + ellie

We've had a ton of shoots postponed due to rain this Sprummer, and I think when we finally got over to meet Greg and Dave and their gorgeous little girl it was our third attempt at making it work. Of course it started raining right after we got there, but we had the huge benefit of this family's cute backyard and porch so we all made it work. And, just when we needed it, the sky cleared up and we got some of my favorite family stuff of the year.

Also we had Ellie going for us. Photographing children is easily one of the most joyous and fun things we get to do. From having our little dance party on through to snatching tree leaves, this is the stuff that makes another rainy day like we're having in Buffalo today (raining out yet another shoot, of course) not seem so bad at all.

Murphy helped us select this post, so enjoy :)
Seriously - Ellie is the cutest thing ever. Little girls with eyes like that - gorgeous deep blue with eyelashes *I'm* jealous of (worse eyelashes ever? this girl!) just absolutely kill me. And the dancing? Waaaay too cute.

It's always funny when Murph wants to help edit photos. He'll sit there and watch us go through them, and he can get totally critical - I'm starting to get kind of nervous when he's checking out my work.
We did kindof have a dance party. Did we dance to Katy Perry? Yes, yes we did. :)
I love that none of us get out of parenthood without multiple injuries to the eye :) Actually, that's the reason I avoid the lasik. I need the extra protection. Well, that and my irrational fear of anyone ever coming near my eyes. But I love it - Greg put her up on his shoulders, and his eye socket was absolutely the natural hand hold for her :)
I've even been kicked in the eye by our infant at this point. Since getting my eyes lasered, I have managed to scratch my cornea at least three separate times. I honestly think growing up wearing glasses means I now often don't protect my eyes properly. Ready to cringe? I once papercut my left eye unwrapping a piece of furniture after we moved.

Sorry about that, everybody. I wince just thinking back about it.

Once the rain stopped spitting, we headed out front and played in the yard for a while. Alyssa, I love watching you work on family shoots. You're so animated and fun with kids. It's pretty awesome.
Thank you - for both the compliment and the horrific, horrific imagery. Really, nothing could quite be more cringe-inducing, and luckily, it's late, so hopefully we'll all have nightmares about that one. Anyway, guys - it was absolutely great getting to come shoot your amazing family. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home and allowing us to hang out with your amazing daughter!

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June 23, 2011  -  Engagements

beth + daren

We met up with Beth + Daren for their e-shoot (okay, sidetracking for a second. E-shoot sounds so dorky. Like, you aren't getting engaged on your shoot. Yes, these are photos of you while you're engaged, but still, the term doesn't sit well with me. Couple's session? Sounds like therapy. If any of our fantastic readers have ideas for a better name than an "e-shoot," drop it in the comments [and I swear we're going to get better about responding, Gretchen! But the newb really does drain our time!]. My vote? Mad crazy awesome portrait session.... okay, well I guess you can see why I'm looking for suggestions! I'm terrible at this. And back to our regularly scheduled post!) before they had to head back off to Minnesota.

We played a little downtown, but also hit up the waterfront because the light was just perfect for this spot. Of course, we got there and Daren told us (well, Beth did. Beth and I talked... a lot. Rich and Daren? Well, they walked next to us while we were talking :), he's a big lake guy - fishes a ton, so I was totally stoked my psychic photog skills picked out such a fitting place for them. Go me! (Okay, I haven't slept much lately. I'm not usually this self-congratulatory :)
I just read the first section in your voice and well, yeah, you sounds exactly like you haven't slept in three months. But I agree. The term "engagement shoot" is ridiculous. But this is wedding photography land, and there are a lot of ridiculous things about this industry ;). I saw someone call it a casual photo session on their blog recently, but yeah, I figure if anyone had come up with a better term for what is now a defacto part of wedding photography, we'd have seen it by now.

So, here we are, on another pre-wedding-getting-to-know-you-better-and-learning-how-you-tick-as-a-couple session. Or a pwgtkbalhytaac-sesh for short.

And boom, tall grass.

I totally double checked that all those letters matched up. I don't know why because clearly you didn't just bash on the keyboard, but for some reason every time I see an acronym I need to double check it. Anyway...

Beth + Daren were amazing to shoot - I'm really stoked about their wedding. It was, actually, the first time we'd met the two of them, and it's funny - I wondered if there was going to be any never-met-you-before awkwardness, but they were so chill right from the get go, and I had such a good time. Also, I could probably talk to Beth for just about ever.
My innate and inescapable geek nature bonded Daren and I as well. And come on, you know how anal I am. I don't mess around with my acronyms.

Hey, you know how some photos you look at and you remember exactly what you were talking about with the couple? These are like that. I went off on some anti Zooey Deschanel rant (Beth and Daren both like her) and immediately had to put my foot in my mouth and admit that, yeah, some of the stuff she recorded with M. Ward was pretty dope. I love M. Ward's Transfiguration of Vincent like I love few other albums. It's just that her new show that is incessantly being promo'd right now looks TERRIBLE. Like, "OMG, SHE'S SO FUN AND QUIRKY AND HIP." I want to go Elvis on Goulet every time I see it. /rant

This is kindof reversed. We actually met up with Beth and Daren at Kleinhans after our first shoot of the day. All the stuff we talked about up top? About getting to know a couple and get into who they are try to make frames with them that just work to show off who they are? Man, this is why I love this gig. Getting to hang out with cool couples and get to know them and create stuff with their help.

I have no idea what going "Elvis on Goulet" is. I assume bad since every time that commercial is on you make some sort of snide comment. I dunno - I liked her before she was typecast in everything she did, but I can't blame her for probably only receiving scripts where she's the fun and quirky and hip girl. Also, you have to admit, the first time you saw her be that fun and quirky and hip girl you loved her. Also, her name is Zooey. She really had no choice.

Anyway, we have to wrap this up. Captain colic is starting his yell-at-us portion of the evening. Guys - you were awesome, and we can't wait to see you again!!!
Fair enough :). I guess I did dig her in Tin Man. I can't believe you don't know about the King shooting a television in a hotel because he was mad at Robert Goulet over him dating one of his singers. The King was crazy like that. Not Zooey Deschanel quirky crazy, but strung out on pain killers with a firearm crazy.

Anyway, I'm right there with you about Beth and Daren, hon. Guys, it was a lot of fun :). Let's do this again as soon as possible.

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