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March 12, 2010  -  Engagements

libby + jon

Libby + Jon made an extra long trip up to see us from Salamanca, and since they didn't really know the area, they left the shoot's location entirely up to us, which, clearly, we were excited about! There are a few buildings we've been eyeing for a while, so we were really thrilled to get to hit up some of them. It was extra awesome, because we had such a great time with Libby and Jon - they both cracked us up, and I can tell they are going to have the most amazing, relaxed and enjoyable wedding! I can't wait!!
Okay, so I love this - there's this super rad, yet sadly decaying home near us, and I've been dying to play with it for a while. I'm not sure what the building was before it fell into disrepair, but it's awesome. And I loved that Libby and Jon were totally up for it!
Dude - totally fun shoot :) We've been waiting to get together with Libby and Jon a long, long time. It was well worth the wait, too :)
Oh, hi, awesomest tiled wall ever. I adore you! :) I think Libby is laughing in this one because the shot prior, she looked directly into the flash at full power. For any of you who have never been exposed to it (badum-ching!), it's definitely a special experience. :)
This metal-striped wall is so full of win. And I like shots like this because I know that I just asked Jon to do something that is probably physically impossible without having a rubber spine, but instead of throwing a rock at me - Libby and Jon are both just smiling and laughing! That's definitely the secret to getting some of the reactions we like to get - we don't try to be funny and ridiculous, we just sortof naturally ARE ridiculous and sometimes ask ridiculous things of our clients that end of working. You guys = working.
This sums up so many things about this shoot - Alyssa dressing exactly like Libby, Libby looking at me like we're both kindof nuts, and of course, Alyssa taking a photo of something shiny on a light pole.
Yeah, when Libby walked in the studio, I totally cracked up because we dressed all kinds of matchy matchy :)

Hey, I'm attracted to shiny surfaces - what can I say??
My favorite!
I love this - this was not even a building we'd gone to to shoot, but I saw it out of the corner of my eye and ended up being some of my favorite shots from the day. Just a really cool wall and a really cool couple!
I have no idea why you're in that photo other than to drive me absolutely bonkers. Seriously, you kind of suck, Rich.

Libby + Jon, however, you guys kind of rock. Thank you so much for dealing with our absolutely absurdity and for making the trek up here. It was really rad, and we had so much fun with you guys. And I promise not to wear the same thing as you to the wedding, Libby. :) Thanks, again, guys!!

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March 10, 2010  -  Engagements

sara + jeff

We had a couple e-shoots this week in the absolutely fabulous weather - and I can't even begin to say how happy I was. Both because it was so nice to finish up a shoot and still have feeling in our fingers, but also because we scored big with two fabulous couples. The first was Sara + Jeff who were in from out of town and whom you absolutely fall in love with immediately upon meeting. They are both so happy and are the type of people who laugh alot, which is absolutely my favorite!!
I hear that frame, a lot.

But, what you were taking about - 100 percent agree - I'm pretty reserved, normally, and these two had me cracking up instantly. I just realized as I went through and did my edits we actually had to tell them to "be serious" a couple times, which is funny because a lot of times I hate that I sound like the mall photographer with the rubber ducky above the camera saying, "Smile!!" - but cameras make most people nervous and we usually have to work pretty hard to make people feel comfortable and relaxed while we all do our thing. And we were warm!! There's really nothing I like more right this second than pointing a camera at the almost-Spring sun.
Yeah, about fifteen seconds in, Sara was like, "Yay, a camera pointed at me for an hour and a half!" But if she was being sarcastic, I'm clueless, because they were both so relaxed instantaneously in front of us. Awe. Some. Ness.
Seriously, I might have snapped four serious shots the whole day (which is awesome, because clearly I want their photos to be who they are - which is happy and fun)... this is one, and I'm in love with it!
You know it - this one was the first frame I took - I can't wait to see you two in your wedding gear - we are going to have a blast.
I love this one of yours, Rich - it's funny, when you were shooting it, I thought you were doing something different, and I was super excited when I saw this. It was just different, and I love that surprise of going through your photos and seeing something new pop out!
Yep, that's me - "different" - hah! Thanks, hon :)
Different is better than special, non?

Gorgeous... you know, we've been talking about this alot lately with our couples - we'll have them in kind of random places for their photos - this shot, Sara and Jeff are in the middle of the street - because what we're looking for is pretty light, and I'm so happy to have awesome clients who trust us to put them in the middle of the street if that's where the light is (side note to Sara + Jeff - I promise at the wedding, one of us will be on the lookout for cars, instead of both with our faces in the cameras!! :) ) and go with it.
I just like shouting "Game On!" at engagement shoots. Did we mention we also shot inside of Canisius High School? That's where the interior stuff is done - very, very rad building and a place that I'm very happy Sara was able to get us access to.
I guarantee you, Sara, that you = photogenic :)
Gah! I love this.
Me too. No lie, I love Spring like anyone who has been in Buffalo all winter but maybe, just a little bit, I'm going to miss the snow covering everything and looking so damned pretty. Here's a couple more to tide you over, and thanks - we don't say it nearly enough - for taking the time to read this and look at our photos and our couples.
The building maintenance guy at Canisius opened the auditorium for us and we had to do this. There's always something about movie theater-style seats - I associate dark theaters with cute, new romances and the romances that can always look cute and new no matter how old they are, kindof like how Sara and Jeff look downright effortless when they're together.

Let's do this again SOON, guys :) - Like, at your wedding coming up. We are sufficiently stoked and are completely ready to work with you two again. Thank you so much for being awesome, even when we ask you to stand in the middle of the road.

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