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March 25, 2009  -  Engagements

Jessica + Chad

Our second engagement photography shoot of the weekend was equally awesome. As the weather warms up (well, okay - relatively speaking) we're spending more and more time shooting down by the water. The Erie Basin Marina is a great place to start off with a couple.

You see, most of our clients have never hired a photographer (much less two) before or been shot professionally. We really appreciate that and try to keep things pretty loose and relaxed as we shoot these semi-posed type photo sessions. It can be completely unnerving to have a camera pointed at you. I pretty much hate having my picture taken and, ironically, I wouldn't have the first clue as to what I should do in FRONT of a camera if I was asked to pose. The "shoot" where we were photographing these little "head talk bubble" things for our website almost ended in marital counseling.

So, having a fun place to start out where you do have some ideas ready to go can definitely ease into a shoot and help out couples get the hang of what we're doing with them. Jessica and Chad were a perfect example of things developing over the course of a photo shoot. We really, really enjoyed this shoot.
These were all taken up in that crazy rocket-ship-loooking observation tower. (I just saw this frickin' awesome t-shirt BfloTees does of the tower: RocketShip Tee. I want one immediately.) Anyway, while we were up there, we took pretty much the exact same shot at the exact same time, just a totally different composition at pretty much the same focal length.
You do have some pretty ridiculous t-shirts, so it would fit in, I think. My personal favorite is the silhouette of Marshawn's head with the gold teeth. You can never go wrong with that. Anyway, there is a very, very tiny beach at the Marina, and over the course of the winter it was littered with all these gorgeous pieces of drift wood, so clearly I made Jessica and Chad wander out onto the rocks to take some shots. I loved how overcast the sky was - nothing to distract you from Jessica and Chad being adorable.
Huh, this is out of order, Rich. I can see how you'd not realize this was taken with the other observation tower stuff...
And who has got two thumbs and is too lazy to reorder the blog images now? (and I'm pointing my thumbs at YOU, Alyssa). I get no respect.
Okay - here's yet another great example of why I need to update your life insurance policy. Just about every shoot Alyssa will do something totally unwise while getting a cool shot...
I was clearly at least 8 inches from the lake. You worry too much. Besides, I would've missed this! So cute!
So, I pass this church with these ridiculously amazing wood doors all the time. They look like carriage house doors, and I totally wanted to go play in front of them.. except I may have forgotten where, exactly, they were. Instead we wandered passed the really cool terra cotta tile building.
Yeah, nothing builds rapport with clients like a five-block walk to find doors :). We DID see the doors a couple days later, though...and I was WRONG about where they were, too, okay? Here it is in print, on the blog: I was wrong. Mea Culpa.
Wow. This shot is totally awesome, Alyssa.
Thanks! (And Jessica and Chad, the doors WERE one more block down!) So, Jessica and Chad like boating and spend a bit of time at the small boat harbor, so we headed over, but in the middle of, uh, Spring, with all the boats out of the water, we clearly wanted to just play with the docks. I loved how this one was missing planks (I just want to say it was safe - I really would never would put our couples in jeopardy! I may suggest some seemingly stupid things, but I would never, ever risk our couples falling into the icy lake!).
This one might be my favorite... I love how they just pop off the blue wood.
We try to keep every shoot as unique as the couples who choose us to shoot their weddings - but we DO have some things we do more regularly to keep the shoot moving and the "jumping" shot, for instance.
Whoops - here's another totally out-of-order shot from back at the marina...
This one is definitely my favorite of yours -- it came out fantastic! (And they're all out of order! I don't know who you think you're fooling!!)
Here's our random bait shop photo-shoot. Jessica and Chad, you guys look great!
I love this!
So, we did quite a bit with Jessica and Chad, and since we were over at the small boat harbor already, we decided to pop into Tifft for a couple minutes to take some quick nature-y shots. The light was really, really fabulous, and I totally lied. I forgot that this one is my favorite! (Or I just have a lot of favorites :) This is the photo that I would call yummy/scrumptious/delicious/whatever (because, Rich, I like it so much it goes beyond a visual thing... it's like that lady on the show we watched whose senses were all tied together and could get a taste in her mouth when she looked at a certain image. And this one is chocolate cake. And if you make fun of me for not making sense, I blame you for waking me up at 5:30!), but since you mock me, I'll say it's pretty. Doesn't quite have the same impact, does it?
Alright - I give. Your analogies to food are okay with me :). Thanks, Jessica and Chad, for the great afternoon shoot and we can't wait to see you at your wedding!

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March 22, 2009  -  Engagements

amanda + eric

I'm not sure how to start this post. I adore Amanda and Eric, and there's so much to say about their session that I'm really at a loss as how to being. I guess we'll start at the beginning (I'm such a dork!)... Amanda and Eric met at this building where they both worked. He went with the wink, and she humored him with a date, and they fell in love and are getting married. So, when we talked about where to do their shots, they both were really into downtown Buffalo engagement photos. So, we went back to the building where they met and shot a few frames outside...
...when Eric shocked Amanda by proposing again. He adored her and asked her to marry her, but the initial ring he gave her was a temporary ring. He decided the best time to give her the real ring would be with us (thank you, Eric!!!) with our cameras a-blazin'. It was awesome!
It was AWESOME, Eric. It totally made us forget that we were on the look-out for security guards to throw us out of the plaza.
After that, we started walking through Downtown Buffalo on the look-out for some fun places to shoot....and then you suddenly had a, "let's go to this parking garage" moment...which turned out to be a killer idea.
Who wants TONS OF SILHOUETTES!!! We've gott 'em on clearance here at the silhouette barn....and one more...
Okay, we might have gone a tad excessive on the silhouettes for the blog, but the parking garage was fun! Okay, so I know that sometimes when we propose our random ideas to people, they can seem totally, well, random, but I was so thrilled that when I wanted to head into the parking garage, not only were Amanda and Eric tolerant, they really embraced what we were doing (because, in truth, if I were the subject of these photos, I'd probably have a "what are you thinking??" expression on my face). So, it was totally and awesomely worth it, because we got to do this... one of my two favorite shots of the day.
This was my view...everybody say aaawwwwwwwwwwwwww. You guys look great!
Speaking of Alyssa proposing random things...Let's see, fear of heights? Check. Fear of spiders? Check. Claustrophobia? Check. Putting a girl with all three into an old, webby narrow windowsill ten feet off the ground? Check.
In my defense, Amanda did not mention that her three biggest fears were exactly what I was proposing until after she got down. She just looked at me looking up at the space and when I looked at her (can I write look again in this sentence? Oy) and smiled, she just said, "Yeah, I can get up there." Is there any question why I love this girl?? Oh, and nice feet shot, Rich..
I love this one, and since I was openly mocked last week (by many people) for referring to a shot as yummy, I'll just say this is scrumptious.
And then we hit Spot Coffee on Delaware Ave for a much-needed break from the cold. This was about the time that we learned how Eric used to be a world-class volleyball player and Amanda once shared a runway with Tyra Banks. I love our favorite coffee shop. You can't eat photographs, Alyssa. And I wasn't taking a "feet shot," I was expressing my love for juxtaposition.
You have to love the fact that the whole place is salvation army chic with giant how could we not snap a few?
Seriously, they killed this shot.
After some refreshing caffeinated beverages we hit the streets again.
...and we ended up back pretty close to where we started photographing for the day in fountain plaza. Classic shot, Alyssa....I love it.
Thanks, babe. I don't know how to say this without sounding totally weird, but I'm really proud of these shots. Some things just happened so perfectly, like this pigeon flying into my shot. This is my other favorite of the day (and you stole all the talking up by the silhouettes, but your totally kick-ass amazing shot of the day was the silhouette where you can see the beams in the ceiling. I love that one.).
Flattery will get you everywhere. Those pigeons are hard to catch - especially using manual focus like you do...sick. Besides, little known fact: downtown pigeons can actually dodge bullets.
Random fire escape love...
Holy crap, who is that handsome man whose male-pattern baldness only enhances his appeal?!? We may never know...
I really loved starting our weekend out with Amanda and Eric. They were seriously fantastic to shoot and hang out with, and I cannot wait to shoot their amazing cliff-side wedding! It's going to be awesome.
See you guys again soon!

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