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November 12, 2011  -  Engagements

vanessa + justin

Hey everybody :) We've got a Saturday morning post for you with a one of our awesome 2012 wedding couples who were in town a few weeks ago. Near the end of our regular shooting season we're kindof burned out on a lot of locations since we've been going like crazy since Spring. So we sortof rediscovered a place we hadn't been in a long time and we had a really, really good time with Vanessa and Justin. Anytime I can nerd out about the Talking Heads film Stop Making Sense during a shoot is a good time for me, even if Alyssa and Vanessa were probably looking at me and Justin like we were crazy. Plus these two live down in Baltimore now, and I'm always up for talking about Baltimore, where I've spent a whole lot of time.

That second shot below is my favorite of yours, Alyssa. I love it!
Thanks, babe :) Yeah, it was an awesome morning, though we're slowly getting into the time of year where it's straight up cold when we go out to shoot, but I guess that's better than quickly getting into that time of year, huh?

Yeah, anytime you start talking about the Talking Heads my eyes glaze over a little, and just so V+J know, I totally googled the power point thing after the shoot, and I was right (the iphone's best trait - the ability to prove myself right instantaneously!) - he did put out a power point presentation - and Rich was totally full of it pretending he didn't know what I was talking about because he wanted to buy it.
I did remember that when you showed me :(. My mind is not what it once was. Luckily I have a pretty easy job, made even easier by our couples. Just know that I'll be bobbing my head appropriately during your first dance as I take photos. I would also like to note that the iPhone also, occasionally, proves me right. And by occasionally, I mean it totally happened once when you didn't believe me about where there was a Pizza Plant on Transit.

I love Fall here in Buffalo. We've had the best one I can remember since moving here, and we're off to shoot another wedding today in some pretty glorious weather. I'm sitting here in a hoodie and I'm sweating.
Yeah - fall wins. I like that you remember exactly what it was that the iphone proved you right for - you're adorable. :) Guys - I'm gonna cut out here since we've got to jet, but you guys were fantastic, and we can't wait to shoot you guys again!

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November 10, 2011  -  Weddings

melissa + jordan

Whenever I walk through the door on a wedding day and see Michelle doing the makeup, it starts my day out fantastically. She's a fantastic makeup artist, and selfishly, I love that she always does makeup in the best light she can find which makes this photographer super happy.

I was already pretty stoked for the day to start - it seemed like forever since we shot Melissa + Jordan's eshoot, so I was really looking forward to seeing them again, and it was just as perfect a day I could've asked for.

When I walked in, Melissa and her mom both mentioned to me there were really only two photos Melissa cared about - Jordan + her dad's reactions to seeing her. I think a lot of the time the wedding day can be overwhelming to guys and with often the eyes of everyone they know on them, they tend do process emotion either internally or physically away from everyone. So, when Melissa said she wanted a clear room except for her and her mom (and me) for her dad seeing her, I was pretty stoked. The bottom two shots in this set are probably my two favorite parent reaction shots ever. Also, you guys choked me up :)
There's times where I'm just floored by all this. I mean, come on!!! What a moment. We know Melissa and Jordan are special because we've gotten to know them through this process even though we're just their wedding photographers, but when we get to see how deeply mothers and fathers and sons and daughters feel for one another and how much they can open up even with a photographer in the room - well, this is such amazing and cool stuff to do. That's why we do this every chance we get.

I can't say enough abou you guys and your family and friends. You were all so welcoming and kind to us all day long. Thank you for being awesome!
Great service, and if you look extra closely above, you can see the head of our most frequent blog commenter of all time, Caitlin, who came back into town with her husband Matt for Melissa and Jordan's wedding.

Really super random side note, but I was a little nostalgic looked at the ceremony photos because the church I grew up attending in Nashville had the exact same light fixtures.
Melissa + Jordan were up for some shots on the beach, which we were totally stoked about, and you can't tell, but it's freezing in these photos. And we had done their eshoot last winter while it was also freezing, and they were champs for doing it again. Especially since we made Melissa cry post-eshoot for having never been that cold in her life. Er... so, sorry about that :) And thanks for doing it again - you guys were seriously amazing to shoot!!

(I totally just played Where's Waldo with Caitlin's head - I found her!)
We have some serious champs as brides! All the girls toughed it out for the photos, big time. Afterward it was off to Salvatore's and we obviously had a blast. It bears repeating that at a reception, guests will take their cues from the couple and the wedding party and parents, etc. If all of the above are there to have a great time and show it right off the bat, it's going to be an amazingly fun night.

Great bridal party entrance :)
Holy adorable last shot on the blog, huh? Say what you will about some of the more traditional wedding stuff that most wedding dj's do, but you'll never hear me complain about the anniversary dance. Honoring those who got you to your wedding day is a perfect thing to do early in the evening.

Guys, it was a great wedding day for us and as much as we say it on all our blog posts - THANK YOU! You made one of our last weddings of the year a great one and one that's going to tide us over with happy wedding thoughts until next year's season begins. I know Hawaii was amazing for you both and I'm really happy to be able to share these with you guys. Talk to you soon.

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