Eric - Alyssa, I also think Mallrats is one of the best movies of all time. I cracked up when I read that part of the blog. Awesome pics guys!  5.1.09, 1:43pm
Alyssa - Thanks Jules and Fer! It was different doing a lot of the portraits indoors, but definitely a fun challenge for us!  5.1.09, 12:06pm
fer juaristi - guys your angles are insane! great use of window light. That squirrel pic is awesome  5.1.09, 10:27am
jules - i didn't need to go beyond the first and third picture...but i did ;). oh, and the sixth one IS yummy! well done guys ('though i wouldn't expect anything less from you).  4.30.09, 8:49pm
Alyssa - Oneshotbeyond - yeah, it is a really cool building. We do weddings there a few times a year, and it has a much more fun urban feel than anywhere else we've shot. Derek - thank you! Jeff - thank you! You make me blush! (And Rich thinks Mallrats is one of the best movies of all time, oy)  4.30.09, 3:37pm
Alyssa - Hey Brian - yes Brianna looked awesome!! And I am officially done with jury duty! Yay! So, we didn't burn - I was shocked - but maybe that's just because I live with Rich who's convinced me that if the sun even sees me, I'll burn! Anyway, thanks again - you guys were a blast!  4.30.09, 3:34pm
Brian B - Ridiculous = great at photography.... thought I would clarify. Also, Alyssa how are you still at jury duty, didn't you listen to my advice at all? Hope your sun burns have cleared up!  4.30.09, 2:04pm
Brian B - Thanks for much for all the nice comments! Brianna does look beautiful, doesn't she? She does that, it's kind of her thing! Well we couldn't stop checking the site every 15 minutes even though we were told no way before Wednesday but I was so happy after my hockey game last night to see the pictures up. Rich and Alyssa, you are ridiculous!  4.30.09, 1:59pm
oneshotbeyond - I just visited a brewery for the 1st time last weekend. The entire time I was there I was in texture and architecture heaven. What a great choice they made for this session. :-)  4.30.09, 11:50am
Derek J. Punaro - You guys do great work!  4.30.09, 10:55am
Jeff - I have been following your blog for weeks now pretty religiously. You guys are that rare combo of artistic vision and raw talent. I feel like I am reading a Siskel and Ebert review, but this movie is always worth watching. Oh. . .Nice Mallrats reference too. Keep up the amazing work you two. I'll be staying tuned.  4.30.09, 10:41am
Meredith S - Brianna looks so beautiful!! Conrgats, I can't wait to see the wedding photos!  4.30.09, 9:39am
jongirl - Love the way they look at each other in front of those wooden doors ... and love the doors too! Amazing shoot in melting weather!  4.30.09, 9:24am
rich - yes, it is definitely rough to photograph outside mid-day on an uber-sunny day, but it gives you some freedom to do other play the "find the shade" game!  4.30.09, 9:19am
rich - B - you are a GENIUS. Except now you're only going to encourage me to do dumb things to get photos.  4.30.09, 9:17am
WhatACard - Very nice! And they look the 90 degree weather. I melt after about 2 seconds. I don't know if it's your awesome photography or just some superpower they possess, but I'm pretty impressed :)  4.30.09, 8:42am
B.Fry - When wedding season ends, and you're hurting for ideas, how about a "random places we've put ourselves to get a good shot" post? We can vote on the best.  4.30.09, 8:42am
misty may - Yay! I'm so happy to wake up and have a new post to look at - you guys are so awesome - and this couple looks soooooo cute!  4.30.09, 7:10am