rich - It was so nice to meet you, Meg and John! You guys did an AWESOME job on Rebecca, and your curling iron is BADASS. thanks so much, Marissa - we love your work, too!  4.30.09, 5:11pm
Marissa Rodriguez - I just found your site and WOW I love your work! I especially love the little conversations you guys have throughout the post! Awesome pictures!  4.30.09, 12:18pm
megan malinoski deppas - alyssa and rich! your photography is amazing and brilliant! we definetly would recommend you guys for any clients of ours getting married in the buffalo area. meg and john .....john david salon (  4.30.09, 8:09am
Cody Perez - Holy crap - these are some rockin photographs. congrats, guys!  4.29.09, 1:52pm
rich - Alyssa just rolled her eyes big time - I take every opportunity I have to mention I went to grade school with Reese. Rebecca > Reese....  4.29.09, 6:52am
jodie - ok, in the photo with the room number the bride looks EXACTLY like Reece Witherspoon! I did a double take!!!  4.28.09, 7:15pm
Alyssa - Misty May, Deborah and Mustafah - thanks! Sara Beth - thank you so much! You guys were amazing - I really wish we could shoot that same wedding (same bridal party and families) every week. Everyone was so sweet and happy and stress free!  4.28.09, 1:40pm
Sara Beth Clark - As one of the bridesmaids of this wedding...I have to say you both captured the best moments of the day! You guys were amazing to work with! So professional and friendly too! If anyone ever needs a photographer in the buffalo area I'm totally recommending you both!  4.28.09, 1:22pm
m.a. - that first shot is good  4.28.09, 11:53am
Deborah Cull - These are awesome!!!  4.28.09, 11:43am
Misty May - AWESOME!!!  4.28.09, 7:37am
Alyssa - Thank you Lee-anne, we're looking forward to an awesome season of fabulous couples! We're so happy to have started!  4.27.09, 7:40pm
lee-anne - I'm so happy your wedding season has started these are so gorgeous - congrats Rebecca and William!!!  4.27.09, 7:31pm
rich - Thanks, Crash! We love your work! And thanks, Kelly :) I love that shot - I always really dig that moment right after the ceremony, when it's all sinking in and the pressure is off...if you're ready, there's usually a really sweet kiss involved. Thank you, jongirl, we're pretty proud of this wedding - and we can't wait till the next one!  4.26.09, 6:42pm
jongirl - The laughter and love shines through in every photo! It's almost frightening how you two keep getting better and better with every shoot ... especially since you were great to begin with!  4.26.09, 2:28pm
Kel - Seriously, the recessional picture that you shot Rich is my favorite! The black and white make it even better! What a great shoot to start your wedding season:) I can't wait to see and read more of your amazing blog!  4.26.09, 2:05pm
Crash Taylor - Double awesome!  4.26.09, 11:01am
Alyssa - Eric - it's not that far away! The next month and a half will fly! Ali - thanks! It really is pretty cool to get to shoot together. Kim - I thought the same! Like, you aren't allowed to bring shampoo, and they're like, please don't mind my sword! Mike - thanks!  4.26.09, 6:32am
Alyssa - No, Rebecca - thank you!! We seriously are in love with your family - you are a ridiculously cool bunch, and we were so honored to get to photography you. Thank you, so much.  4.26.09, 6:29am
Eric - Killer shoot... I can't wait now!  4.26.09, 1:40am
aLi gReeN - You two are quite the pair...these photos are truly amazing and i thouroughly enjoy each of your captions before almost every photo...indeed a treat through and through! ^_~ aLi  4.26.09, 1:33am
Rebecca Evan - You guys are AMAZING!!! I absolutely love what you have done. It was a fantastic day and you captured it so beautifully - just how we imagined it. Thank you for everything. We loved working with you. You are awesome!  4.25.09, 10:54pm
kim - gorgeous photos, I wish our photographer had been as creative with the outside of the statler. Wonder how they got the sabre through customs...'that? oh, that's an old family cake knife...'  4.25.09, 10:27pm
Mike - Man, you guys just rock. It is SO on!  4.25.09, 10:22pm