Jennifer @QueenCityBride - Great job as always! Love her flowers!!  11.30.11, 7:19pm
Elise Hilton - My sister was in this wedding and told me to look at the pictures and how beautiful they turned out, and being that I have a passion for photography as well I Hope one day I can reach this level of excellence. The pictures are amazing.  11.28.11, 5:09pm
Teresa - Beautiful wedding! Love the pumpkin place cards. Congratulations Gretchen and Mark!!!  11.28.11, 1:57pm
Lucia - Yay, Gretchen and Mark's wedding!!! I missed this over the long weekend, but wowza - WHAT a wedding post!! G, I feel like I know you from your comments and I am SO happy for you guys!!!!!  11.28.11, 10:50am
Christina Shaw - This is why you guys are the best at what you do! Not only do you take amazingly beautiful pictures but you connect with your clients on a real level. Very inspiring :)  11.28.11, 9:42am
Erin Oveis Brant - well I just cried my way through this beautiful wedding/post. gretchen + mark, I don't know you, but I can tell you deserved an amazing day! congratulations and best wishes!!  11.27.11, 5:31pm
Marissa - Gretchen...CONGRATS...I feel like we all know you and have I know that I always looked forward to your posts. You looked amazing and I hope you and your new hubby have a fabulous life! Great photos Alyssa and Rich like always :-)  11.26.11, 10:36pm
Kate S. - Yay Gretchen's wedding!!!!! These pictures and narratives from R&A just go to show you how wonderful the relationship is between them and their clients. Gretchen- you look beautiful and the wedding looks like it was a blast!  11.26.11, 8:59pm
Cindy-Lou - I cried when I looked at these pictures! These photos were fantastic. The day was beautiful, and you two make the best couple ever! The wedding/reception were terrific and I loved every minute of it! I love you guy's!!!!  11.26.11, 12:06pm
Mom Spink - I cried and laughed and sighed all the way through. Alyssa & Rich, you two are totally artists with old souls, hearts, and spirits. I am so proud of my daughter and new, incredible son in law for all the thought and effort they put into their special day and tremendously impressed with the way you connect with your subjects and capture the emotions of their special events. You are an amazing couple and I am so grateful that Gretchen came upon you to document their day in a way no other artists could! Thank you so very much! We'd love to have you & your family for dinner with Gretchen & Mark when your wedding season winds down. Thank you so much! Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Bless you!  11.23.11, 11:48pm
Emily - What an emotional post! Thanks for sharing your story and making this blog so personal. Everyone looks fabulous, but I especially love the bridesmaids dresses - so pretty! I love the shots of Gretchen in the limo, love that you went to see your grandma, love the sparkler shot, and absolutely love Gretchen's comment :) once again, another solid post guys!  11.23.11, 6:21pm
Erin H - I cant stop looking at these pictures, they are amazing! That day was amazing! I dont think i laughed and cried that much in one day. Looking forward to seeing all of the rest of the pictures. Mark and Gretchen, thanks for letting me be a part of your day<3  11.23.11, 6:05pm
Fotograf Lublin - Beautiful frames and story. Good job!  11.23.11, 5:12pm
becca - wow. you captured so much love and joy right at the beginning of the post. I even got a little misty eyed and I don't know these folks! beautiful wedding and beautiful couple!!  11.23.11, 5:00pm
Kim - I am literally in tears, how amazing of Mark and Gretchen to take time out of their busy day to visit her grandma! It sounds like they most certainly are worthy of all the compliments and praise sent their way, they seem like truly special people and I'm so happy that their pictures turned out so beautifully, they deserve it:-)  11.23.11, 2:57pm
Colleen - Gretchen & Mark - looks like you had a perfect day, just like you deserve. The photos are amazing! Love the sparkler thank you! And I really love the photo of Mark at the church doors (right after Alyssa's second comment). So great! Congratulations!  11.23.11, 1:09pm
Aunt Wendy - These are beyond priceless - not just photos - art. Great job everyone. xxoo  11.23.11, 11:39am
Kristen - Probably my most anticipated posting since my own wedding!!! I've been sharing wedding preparations stories with Gretchen since we both got engaged and found that we were both using Nickel City! Gretchen, you look beautiful (Mark, you did too!) and all of your details were amazing. I'm so happy your grandma got to see you on your wedding day. R + A - amazing job as always. Literally, picture perfect! So happy for Gretchen and Mark!!!  11.23.11, 10:59am
Aunt Pris - What a sweet couple!! It was a pefect day for them and for the rest of us. Thank you for the captured memories.  11.23.11, 10:24am
gretchen - well shit, way to make me cry guys!!!!!!!!!! I am in complete awe by every shot and we couldn't be happier and more proud that you two were there to share the day with us!! You aren't just our photographers, you are our friends and that makes every single photo that much more special because our friends took them!!!! You captured every emotion of the day and so many beautiful moments that are so special!! I have no favorite shot yet because it is just impossible to choose from them all. We could never thank you enough for all the memories and moments we have shared with you guys. I am beyond excited to see the rest now!!!! Thank you both sooooo much!!!!!! P.S. don't worry there are always family portraits and you two will definitely be the first people we call!!!! ;)  11.23.11, 10:13am
Laura - Um, PS, why did no one tell my that it was Rich's birthday at our wedding?! Feeling kinda like a jerk for not having the opportunity to acknowledge the occasion! I'll never forget it now :)  11.23.11, 10:04am
Laura - AMAZING! Tears!! Absolutely beautiful. Gretchen and Mark are incredible people and you did such a wonderful job!!!! The smiles on their faces say it all. LOVE!  11.23.11, 10:03am
whitney - these are great! congrats to gretchen & husband!  11.23.11, 9:55am
Dina - YAY!!! FINALLY!!!!! I teared up right at the beginning :) What a beautiful, beautiful post!! Gretchen you looked absolutely amazing! I love every detail and the shots visiting your grandma, instant tears! Your day was simply stunning. R+A- you guys totally nailed this day! It was so fantastically beautiful and perfect!! You guys RULE!!!!!  11.23.11, 9:45am