Kate S. - Clarity, color, light, vibrance, life, happiness... the quality of these pictures is top-notch. You'd think I would be unsurprised by your amazing talent, but yet again I find myself wide eyed and jaw-dropped looking at these photos. You've done it again!  11.22.11, 2:28pm
Erin Oveis Brant - OH MY GOD the light for those portraits!!! WOW. Amazing as always R + A!  11.21.11, 2:41pm
Louise - That is one gorgeous bride!  11.21.11, 11:49am
Dina - I'm gone for a couple days and I miss a post!! UGH! I love this post! The shots outdoors are AMAZING!! What beautiful colors! The wedding was beautiful as well!! Love :) And yes Alyssa is totally a wedding superhero :) Yay for Alyson too!! She is amazing :)  11.21.11, 8:56am
Jennifer @QueenCityBride - WOW. The portrait session rocked!  11.20.11, 11:14pm
Christy Edler - Tricia- You are gorgeous! Bottom line! Jack- You make funny faces :) The pictures are amazing! They are so real! I really enjoyed looking at them and keep looking through them!  11.20.11, 9:20am
Kim - WOW!!! What a beautiful wedding, the outside pix are absolutely amazing with the fall colors! Tricia is a stunning bride and quite possibly my long lost BFF since she appears to have walked around most of the night with a camera in her hand, luv that! And Alyson you are so stinkin talented, why did I not know how creative you were until AFTER my wedding?!  11.18.11, 4:45pm
Linda L. - Beautiful photos! The whole wedding day was awesome. Think you should be a wedding planner!! We love you.  11.18.11, 2:22pm
ChristinaShaw - Such a bright, happy and beautiful wedding-Her smile is contagious! You guys captured it amazingly.  11.18.11, 1:01pm
Emily - I absolutely love everything about this post. Love the shots in church - awesome ceiling. Love the photos outside. Love the shots of the bridal party -- they all look great. Love the photo booth. Awesome work!  11.18.11, 11:59am
sara - gorgeous bride! love all the photos outside... what a perfect day!  11.18.11, 11:34am
becca - I love the bride and groom pictures in front of the tree! the lighting is all so awesome. and such a beautiful reception!  11.18.11, 9:13am
Karen - I like all these photos.. and that photo booth is out of control fun! :) and your lighting rocks!  11.18.11, 12:41am
AlysonO - OK so I MAY have been sitting here with the laptop waiting for this post to go up... :) So amazing, you totally captured the happiest bride I've probably ever seen, ever. You guys are so rad, r+a AND t+j! Such a gorgeous day, such a gorgeous couple... thanks so much for the shoutout, and I love the picture of Nick eating the mustache [why???] Awesomesauce.  11.17.11, 11:14pm
Juan Maclean - so good guys!!! I love how you both work together - great duo  11.17.11, 11:06pm