MGySgt Rhys Evans - Well done Rich! Curmudgeon Huh?  7.29.11, 10:44pm
julieee - the sayings on the chess board are from t-shirts!  7.18.09, 12:33pm
Rich - Thank you, Alyssa! Your work is awesome - where were you when we were getting hitched in Kailua?!?  4.3.09, 2:34pm
Alyssa Turner - What an awesome blog!! I love the lighting of the one on the colorful picinic table. Great work!  4.3.09, 2:17pm
Alyssa - Thanks, Tami!  4.3.09, 12:38pm
tami - what amazing portraits filled with such fun personality! love your work and unique the blog!  4.3.09, 11:57am
Alyssa - Thank you, Yuliya and Joelle. Amanda - thanks! It's something we work hard on! Thanks, Eric. I get mad at myself sometimes when I think I could've done something better, so thank you!  4.3.09, 9:56am
Yuka photo art - One more beautiful post with amazing photographs! Keep it up guys!  4.2.09, 2:42pm
Amanda - I love the way you guys use the light. Makes the picture so much more incredible.  4.1.09, 12:47pm
Eric - Alyssa, I think the composition of that shot is perfect, seriously. And as you already found out, you're not crazy about art park. I spent alot of my days growing up in Lewiston and Youngstown where my grandparents lived, and Art Park was a big part of my life. So sad they tore that down... great shots as usual guys, keep rockin!  3.31.09, 11:28am
Joelle - These photos are amazing, Alyssa. I am so finally emailing you guys this morning...  3.31.09, 8:37am
Alyssa - Jules - that says something about my cooking, doesn't it? :) (and thank you, I really was hesitant about including it on the blog because my composition really could've been stronger, but I still liked it)  3.30.09, 8:36pm
jules - ps - you'll have to share that delicious raw noodle recipe some time ;).  3.30.09, 7:06pm
jules - i'm really glad you included the shot that "feels so different". seriously, it's amongst my favorites!  3.30.09, 7:04pm
Alyssa - Thank you, Megan!  3.30.09, 3:06pm
Alyssa - Thank you Christine and Jongirl! I'm not crazy, yay! Actually, I just googled it, and apparently they tore it town a few years ago instead of doing the maintenance it needed, which is seriously a shame. I remember it being really cool. And Christine, I cannot believe how soon it is! I hope you're holding up with all the last minute stuff. I really can't wait to shoot you guys again!  3.30.09, 3:06pm
Alyssa - Phil and Lynn, you guys are so ridiculously welcome. We truly had a blast shooting you, and I cannot wait for you to see the rest of the images - you guys killed it. And thank you for being hysterical. Seriously, you guys both cracked us up!  3.30.09, 3:04pm
Lynn - P.S. I can't believe Phil said "Nickel City 4 Life." What a dorkus.  3.30.09, 2:54pm
Megan - BEAUTIFUL once again!! I LOVE the one infront of the house with the bright paint job, and the one of Lynn next to the "button" wall. The black and white one of them leaning on the wall is very pretty. Great job!  3.30.09, 2:53pm
jongirl - As always, phenomental photography! You guys rock! Memories are correct re Art Park, I definitely remember all your references. Where'd that stuff go?  3.30.09, 2:24pm
Christine - p.s. amazing photos too :) my wedding is sooo soon!  3.30.09, 2:08pm
Christine - Alyssa- I can back you up on what Artpark used to be like! I used to go every summer as a kid and paint and do pottery. Also, along the road they used to put photos of people as you drove in (we were even on one once!). It has great childhood memories for me. :)  3.30.09, 2:07pm
Lynn - THIS IS SOOO AWESOME! The guy I'm going to marry is turning out to be a major hottie. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH RICH AND ALYSSA!!  3.30.09, 2:03pm
Phil - Thanks a lot, Rich and Alyssa. Lynn and I love these, which is no surprise. In fact, I'd say these shots are "Straight UP BALLIN." Nickel City 4 Life!  3.30.09, 1:50pm