whatacard - I'm not surprised one bit people are booking you before they are even engaged. Heck, I'm the world's worst romantic, and shh, I don't really like weddings. But when I see your pictures like this, I almost want to do it all over again just so you guys can take our pictures instead of the super cheese ball photographer we'd picked. What a beautiful set of pictures of a beautiful couple!  7.3.11, 4:18pm
amy meslinsky - LOVE the pictures you two! you both look so happy and beautiful! congratulations again! <3  7.3.11, 10:23am
Emily - You guys continue to amaze me. I love how you work a wedding, create some beautiful images, and then blog about the whole experience. Wonderful job as always!  7.1.11, 1:48pm
Kyle - I'm gonna have to get me a wall of buffalove  6.30.11, 3:36pm
Jennifer @QueenCityBride - PEONY Explosion!! Love how the pink really softens the fourth floor at Pearl Street! Did Natalie hang the votives from the ceiling or did they bring someone in?  6.30.11, 12:36pm
Marcy Noonan - You two make Pearl Street look like a million dollars, which is what it is, of course. You two just know how to pull the texture and feel right out of that old, beautiful building and put it right into your photographs. Great work, Alyssa and Rich and my congratulations to the happy young couple.  6.30.11, 10:54am
Jeff - Epic post, stunning couple, wickedly detailed...details. What a party. I want to tivo this, make them my friends and be there. Unfreckin believable.  6.30.11, 12:19am
Caitlin - You know I love me some city shots. Love those pics in front of City Hall. And the pic of the taps at Pearl Street? Seriously, I would buy that and hang it on my Wall of Buffalove (what? doesn't everyone have one?). Great work.  6.29.11, 11:01pm
Lauren Vinz - Love the pictures, looks like a beautiful wedding-and of course was captured to perfection!  6.29.11, 9:56pm
Elissa - WOW, De. You look so, incredibly stunning. Amazing. Wow, wow! Looks like you had the wedding you deserve.  6.29.11, 9:49pm
A + D - Just checking in from St. Lucia and are thrilled with how these turned out. Thanks so much for capturing the best day of our lives so perfectly.  6.29.11, 9:29pm
Stephanie - Niiiiiiiice wedding.  6.29.11, 8:39pm
Kate S. - What an incredible array of beautiful pictures. You guys covered it all perfectly!!! I feel like I was at the wedding after seeing all of these. Another job very well done :)  6.29.11, 4:20pm
Jen - These are beautiful! I love that every wedding you shoot is so special... BTW, I know several ladies who want to book with you guys and they haven't even found potential husbands...lots of business coming your way...you guys are the best!  6.29.11, 4:01pm
Dina - Love!!! These are so fantastic! the wedding was so gorgeous and you guys are so stinking great at capturing it!!! That fish thing is lucky that she didn't have any pepper spray haha!! I would have squealed and ran in the other direction haha. At least it wasn't a clown!!!  6.29.11, 2:38pm
jenn ayres - As always, it's impossible for me to choose a favorite. Every single shot is insanely gorgeous, but the ones in front of city hall (esp. the b&w's) are extra amazing. LOVE. ;)  6.29.11, 2:36pm
Sean - Looks awesome. Love that ring shot. The bride looks like JLO.  6.29.11, 2:34pm
Gretchen - These are so stunning!!!!! I love them!!!! I do have to say though, the shots of the flowers make me want to cry. I would kill to have peonies for our wedding but they aren't in season in November. It blows, stupid flowers and their only being awesome certain times of the year. :(  6.29.11, 2:34pm
Lucia - Unbelievable. Every week I'm so impressed by how you guys manage to stay fresh and so creative. Great wedding shoot!  6.29.11, 2:17pm
J Shoda - You guys kill it. Such a fantastic wedding, from beginning to end. Well done :)  6.29.11, 12:35pm
stefanie - Oh. my. god. These photos are truly spectacular! I'm in awe of every single one of them -- the brightness; the refinement; the effortless class. Delaney and Adam -- congratulations!  6.29.11, 12:31pm