Rich - thank you so much, Mark! I really, really draw a lot of inspiration from shooting from you guys.  3.31.09, 2:50pm
Mark Brooke - These are amazing. I love the shot of the tree then the ring below it!  3.31.09, 12:49pm
Alyssa - Thanks Megan - I love that laughing shot too! Well, as you know, I just love people that laugh!  3.30.09, 3:09pm
Megan - I am OBSESSED with the fourth picture down...the black and white with the laughter!! So GREAT! I also LOVE the the tall sepiaish picture in between the trees. This couple has to be ECSTATIC with how their shoot went!  3.30.09, 2:56pm
Alyssa - Thank you Kim and Sara! Jodie - they truly did spend the entire time laughing. It was a fabulous session!  3.29.09, 8:44am
jodie - I LOVE: the vertical one of them on the road with those trees. awesome. the last one. LOVE that you hand painted on there. the tree. so random! the fact that she was laughing the WHOLE time. so natural and what looks to be so THEM. great session!  3.28.09, 9:52pm
Rich - Hey Jeroen, some of the sky in that last shot is hand-painting and curving some under-exposed layers in photoshop. It's more than what we might usually do - but this one came out pretty cool-looking :)  3.28.09, 9:13pm
Sara - I LOVE the one of him pushing her up the hill by the butt!! LOL To funny!!  3.28.09, 7:20pm
kim - LOVE the shot of their feet with the rotten door bottom. I am glad that the door isn't one of mine, but it is beautiful:)  3.28.09, 2:07pm
Alyssa - Thanks, Jeroen! It's always nerve-wracking when we start shooting, and it snows/rains/snains (?) on a couple, but you really get some amazing skies and light so you're right - we should do it more often! Eric - you know, Rich and I were debating whether or not to even include the last shot on the blog (his - he was unsure, I was sure!). He thought it might be too stylized - I love it though! He rocks!  3.28.09, 6:17am
Eric - Yeah, to make a seemingly horrible overcast day look beautiful takes some talent. I love the way the colors in Stacy and Keith come out in that very last shot (her brilliant golden hair and his blue jeans). Excellent compostion...  3.27.09, 10:12pm
Jeroen - The last one is my fave! Love the sky and the trees... You should do more bad weather shoots!  3.27.09, 9:57pm
Eric - Love 'em. You guys are geniuses. As usual, love the wide angles, and rich, your close-ups rock!  3.27.09, 9:17pm
Alyssa - Laurie - are you kidding? Your sister was so immediately comfortable, Rich and I were both like, "she's been a model!" We're looking forward to meeting you too!  3.27.09, 7:37pm
Laurie - LOVE the shots! Anyone that can get my sister to crack upand smile naturally in front of the camera... is GENIUS! I cant wait to meet you both at the wedding!  3.27.09, 4:06pm