Susanne - GREAT photos!!! You both look so natural! I love you guys! Kelly, I can't wait to have you as a sister-in-law! Robb, you did good :)  6.3.10, 5:21pm
Mom Sharon - Great pics to last a lifetime together! Love you both!!!  6.1.10, 9:19pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks! They really are - they make each other laugh, which I think it's the biggest thing! I love getting to see that side of people!  6.1.10, 5:55pm
Gretchen - These are adorable!!! Such a cute couple!!  6.1.10, 5:54pm
rich + alyssa - No, YOU'RE the best! Seriously, you guys are so much fun, and I'll never forget Robb's expression when you started doing Cher! "Kelly, there are people!" So good!!  6.1.10, 4:08pm
Kelly - Thanks for all of the complimentary comments. I love these photos as well!!! Rich and Alyssa are the BEST!  6.1.10, 4:07pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Amanda! It was a pretty spectacularly bright day, so the under trees were our sun-relief. It was cool, though - there were a ton of people down hanging at the waterfront, which is always exciting to see!  6.1.10, 10:22am
Amanda-Rose - All of the photos underneath the trees are stunning. Great shoot. Looks like one happy couple :)  6.1.10, 10:21am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Emily!! We love these two crazy kids, too :)  6.1.10, 9:59am
Emily - What a fun session!!! Love these!  6.1.10, 8:28am
rich + alyssa - Aww, you are way too kind to us, Jules :) You have no idea how good you and Caitlin and Jeff and Amanda and JonGirl and all of our regular commenters who are with us on every post make us feel!!! NO IDEA - you make us want to work harder and harder and enjoy it all more and more :)  5.31.10, 3:10pm
jules - I knew from the moment I saw the first stellar shot in this post that this was going to be a spectacular shoot. I think everyone who takes the time to look at these images is going to feel like they missed a special event here - such love and laughter...good times and images indeed! The seventh shot of the series is pretty special and the last photo has rendered me speechless!  5.31.10, 3:05pm
rich + alyssa - I love shooting close-ups of faces like that!! That last one - oy, Kelly started playing with her hair and we were like, "Hello, adorable! Keep doing that!!" :)  5.31.10, 1:50pm
Caitlin - I'm with you, Jeff :) Kelly is beautiful and they make a great looking couple! Love that close up B+W of the two of them, as well as the last shot. Their smiles are genuine and contagious - great stuff! :)  5.31.10, 1:48pm
rich + alyssa - How rad would meeting up sometime be?? We're always up for visitors in the off-season, too!!  5.31.10, 11:00am
Jeff - I must be an addict. I am spending my day off just catching up on your posts. I don't think there was a moment in this set where total laughter did not come out of the 4 you the entire time. Yes, there were serious shots, but you can tell they just loved hanging out and the fact that pictures were taken was secondary. K&R definitely set the tone for their future wedding pics. I hope you two can keep up. Have a wonderful memorial day you two. BBQ in PA sometime?  5.31.10, 10:58am