rich + alyssa - Thanks, Jill! You guys were so awesome, and I hope the honeymoon is just spectacular!!  6.8.10, 8:53am
Jill - Hey guys! I'm procrastinating instead of packing for our trip tomorrow, so I thought I'd sign on to tell you how much I LOVE this picture! We saw Tom DeFlippo on Wednesday and he was raving about it too ...and is very excited to see the pics inside the Tuscarora Inn :) I think this may be a candidate for a wall canvas! Fantastic!!! Hope all is well!  6.4.10, 12:55pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Harmony!  6.4.10, 12:52pm
Harmony Loves - very cute and fitting :)  6.4.10, 12:46pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Sean! Thanks, so much for commenting!  6.2.10, 11:59am
Sean Eagen - What a great shot! You two do amazing work! I love your website also!  6.2.10, 11:58am
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Emily - we snagged it and were like - we HAVE to get this one up tonight :P  6.1.10, 9:51am
Emily - VERY cool image!!  6.1.10, 8:26am
rich + alyssa - Thank you Sara :) us too!!!!  5.31.10, 3:00pm
Sara M - Awesome pic! Thank you both for your service to our country. Looking forward to July  5.31.10, 2:03pm
rich + alyssa - YES! It was so much fun!!!! We are constantly meeting couples we wish we could hang out with more :( I guess that's a super good thing, though - at least we definitely get to hang out at your wedding!!  5.31.10, 12:40pm
Kelly - Hey guys! WOW! That's all I can say! Robb and I absolutely love the pictures! You are so talented and amazing! We had a great time with you both last weekend...even regardless of the picture taking. You are two awesome people. We wish we were in B'lo more often so we could hang out! =) Thank you so much did a beautiful job!!  5.31.10, 12:34pm
rich + alyssa - You're welcome :P and thanks. Like we always tell people - sure, we served, but we volunteered and got paid very well for our service. My thanks came on the 1st and the 15th of every month and at the VA medical center which still covers some of our issues :)  5.31.10, 9:50am
jules - LOVE this post! Happy Memorial Day - thank you both for your years of service.  5.31.10, 9:47am
rich + alyssa - Rich saw the side of this building yesterday, and was like, how do we not shoot this for memorial day? He rocked it out, and I love this shot.  5.31.10, 9:46am
Caitlin - Matt (the SUPER patriot) is salivating over this picture. Enjoy this day you two, thank you for your service!! :)  5.31.10, 9:18am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Erin! I hope you guys had an amazing end to last night and have a wonderful BBQ today! We can't wait to get into the rest of the photos!!  5.31.10, 6:45am
Erin - Love the Memorial Day Post! It gives us a little preview of what we'll see later this week. Thanks Alyssa and Rich, enjoy your day off!  5.31.10, 6:16am