Jessica - And to correct my typo, I meant "severely"... not "severly".  4.29.10, 12:24pm
Jessica - I just have to say that these photos are completely brilliant. I am Jaclyn's sister, and best woman/MOH- I severly hope I can look as awesome in some pictures at the wedding as they look in these. They really are a great couple, and these pictures caught how much they mean to each other. Jac chose the perfect photographers for her big day!  4.29.10, 12:23pm
Gretchen - Bridges!!!! YAY!!!! :)  4.8.10, 10:05pm
Tanya - JACLYN!!! You look absolutely fantastic! I definitely had to do a second look through your shoot :P And yes, the seagulls look like they're practicing to be a part of your wedding party :)  4.1.10, 12:34am
rich + alyssa - Thanks - Jonathan! I was hoping they wouldn't take off when we approached them :) And they did exactly what I wanted - awesome flying rats that they are :)  3.30.10, 10:04pm
jonathan cooper - the shot with the seagulls is incredible!! they are "pointing" to the couple! i love it!  3.30.10, 7:51pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Jenn! Yeah - THRILLED to have sun. And not just sun, but apparently summer, too!  3.30.10, 12:04pm
jenn ayres - This is such an awesome set, guys...great shots!! Is this the old First Ward?? I recognize the bridge from somewhere... It's soooo nice to have the sun back, isn't it? :)  3.30.10, 11:27am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Whitney! Yeah, we noticed the church a while back, but this was the first time we'd gotten up and close to check it out - it's a gorgeous place, so our fingers are crossed with yours!  3.30.10, 11:20am
whitney - beautiful photos, they seem like great sports. that church is St. Mary's on the Hill, and parts of it went through "therapeutic demo." my office & the neighbors are working to save as much as it as possible so fingers crossed :)  3.30.10, 11:15am
Tricia Marcolini - Jaclyn!!! Congrats!! Great choice in photographers, I must say! Your photos came out beautiful, the last one is amazing! What a small world, haha. We had our shoot with Alyssa and Rich on Sunday, we hope they turned out even half as good as yours! - Tricia Marcolini  3.30.10, 8:53am
rich + alyssa - Thank, Jeff! Yeah - the sun was beautiful and I loved the spot we found, but the fun came from M+J - they were a blast to shoot!  3.29.10, 10:34pm
Jeff - Ahh Yes! The hint of Spring is in the air. What a great location for this session. I love the urban feel, but the open air seals the deal though guys. . . wow. Great sun glares and silhouette magic. I know your season is coming up, so I will be keeping the channel set to you. Wicked fun as always!  3.29.10, 10:33pm