Amanda - Favorite shot---possible ever from you two is the one that Rich said is "Smoking freaking hot" That photo took my breath away....absolutely unbelievably stunning. I'm in total and complete awe over it! There were a lot of amazings in this wedding...congrats to the very lucky couple!  10.24.09, 9:08pm
julie - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is definitely up there with The Princess Bride as Best. Movie. Ever. And Laura could easily be a stand in for Marian! Their couples session blew me away! Anyone that doesn't take you up on your offer is going to look back with regret!  10.24.09, 3:37pm
Joe - Awesome shots, the alter picture with the white clouds is the definition of picture perfect.  10.23.09, 9:36pm
WhatACard - I love that black and white picture with her sitting on his lap. And I love the height differences in the wedding party :) Very nice!  10.23.09, 4:50pm
Marissa Rodriguez - The first and last ever! Amazing job, every, single, time!  10.23.09, 1:56pm
jonathan cooper - the last shot is incredible. it says so much but shows so little. i love it!  10.23.09, 1:45pm