Amanda - This blog post definately had me laughing out loud in my office. The first look shots are proabably my favorite first-look shots ever. You brought so much emotion into all of these guys are spectacular. Congrats to the bride and groom!!!  10.8.09, 4:33pm
Whatacard - Shazaam! And by that I mean, Shazaam!  10.8.09, 9:35am
Suzan - Ah you guys, I was just browsing the last entries for a bit and I must say it's so lovely to see these weddingshoots. All the smiles and the kisses. Super cute and hartwearming. And I'm a total sucker for mirrorshots like these:  10.8.09, 5:22am
Meredith - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE OUR PICS!! I can't stop looking thru them and everytime I do it brings a smile to my face. It was such a great day for us and you captured us and the day perfectly. We couldn't have asked for anything more-You guys did such an amazing job. THANK YOU!! Meredith  10.7.09, 7:08pm
kyle - The Shazaam Salon had me cracking up yet by the end of this post I had forgotten it due to the awesomeness of these photos. Amazing as always.  10.7.09, 5:23pm
jonathan cooper - incredible composition on the basketball shot. I was like what is that groom or grooms man standing on his tippy toes.. and then i was like . oh oh i get it. look at the shadow. he is shooting hoops. very nice!  10.7.09, 2:42pm
jules - Oh my goodness....where to begin. Those first look shots get me every. single. time. I know Rich says he just presses a button, but you both have a way of doing that at precisely the right moment, forever capturing those once-in-a-lifetime emotions. The photos of Meredith walking down the aisle and the moment after shot are absolutely priceless. The heart-shaped bench isn't cheesy, it's pure genius! And how much do I love those shots in the library! A special shout out to RIch on the basketball shot - spectacular!  10.7.09, 1:04pm
mike - nice shots guys! Shazzaaaam!!!  10.7.09, 9:58am
Caitlin - Awesome pictures - I think I'd pick the moment after shot as a fave, so beautiful :) And Meredith looked stunning, and has made me start to very seriously consider leaving my hair down for the wedding! Beautiful!  10.7.09, 9:19am