We are so, so happy to be writing that this is our last post at this blog address. About 100 posts after we started blogging here (prior to 2008's wedding season), we're ready to move on to greener pastures at the main site for our wedding photography. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW SITE!!! (If you've come here from a google search for wedding photography in Buffalo, etc - PLEASE CLICK HERE :), too)

If it doesn't show up right away, it's because your internet service provider will need to update to the new site sometime today...

We'll still be blogging weddings, engagements and portraits (yes, and Dear Murphy, too), we'll just be doing it with larger photos and in a cooler way to share them with you.

This blogger.com blog, along with its contents, will stay active at this address (http://www.nickelcitystudios.com/blog.html) for a while longer, but eventually we'll pull it off line and will just be blogging on our main site....which, thanks to the inspiration of everyone who has read and commented here over the last year, is now a blog, too :)

If you subscribe to our posts using an RSS reader, please update your program to pull from http://www.nickelcitystudios.com/rss.

THANK YOU, again and again and again for supporting us and our photography.

- Alyssa and Rich Mattingly (and Murphy)

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