Katie and Elena

We went on the road for our most recent wedding, driving over what I'm pretty sure was ALL of the 90 on the way to Savoy, Mass, where my good friend from college, Katie, was getting married. It was actually a really nice drive, and I was really excited and nervous to see Katie and other folks I hadn't seen in many, many years (i.e., since I had lots of hair). I don't want to over-think the experience, but let's just say it was a very cathartic and happy couple of days for me.

As soon as we got there, we settled in at Katie's mom's house and got to finally meet Elena and her family. I've rarely been in a house that has so much love and passion inside. It certainly wasn't just that the house was warm and inviting because of the unexpectedly cold Berkshire night - it's one of those always-familiar, happy place you can settle in to after a long day, even if you haven't been inside since you were 16 :). Meeting someone you've heard a ton of positive things about is always awesome, too, and I felt like we already knew Elena from the start.

The next morning we got rolling early since the celebration was to start with breakfast (and lots of coffee for the photographers). Alyssa went with Elena and took some fabulous photos of her getting into her ceremonial wedding garb.

At one point during our relaxed couples shoot later in the day, Elena whipped out a comb she had stashed in her belt - this was wedding day attire that was all about utility :).

Meanwhile, back at camp (literally, we were at a local campground, which is really only place to hold a decent-sized reception in Savoy) I got to take some of my first "bride-getting-ready" shots ever of Katie. 

I'm a sucker for shots of a bride's footwear...uh, especially when they're some bitchin' red Durangos!

We headed over the the house, where the ceremony was going to be held out in the yard with the backdrop of a gorgeous Western Massachusetts fall (yeah, we get pretty lucky with our couples, for sure). Not to be out done, Molly the corgi even got dressed up:

Then we were rolling into one of the most beautiful ceremonies we have ever been a part of. Alyssa and I don't always talk about it because we're insulated by aspheric elements and zoom rings and the rules of composition, but we do get really emotionally involved in the weddings we shoot. Two choked up photographers? Absolutely - this one really got Alyssa, too :).

And then we spent a few minutes with the newlyweds (has it sunk in yet, guys?!?) doing some of our slightly-posed casual stuff.

After those shots, we got on to the reception where the contra band was playing and pretty much everyone was already dancing. Some day after the wedding season dies down for us we have to devote a post to the coolest and most original favors and other details of the weddings we shoot - one for the list: Trivial Pursuit cards at all the tables with questions on subjects of importance to the couple.

And then contra-dancing!

...and some toasting...

And we finally wrapped up the day with some soccer before heading back for an evening post-reception reception at Stephanie's hosue. Hmm - who is that incredibly attractive, ridiculously pale man in the argyle getting dusted by a bride? In all seriousness, thank you so much for having us, Tie and Len, and we wish we could be in Sante Fe next weekend for the second ceremony!!!

That's it for us for this week, though we will definitely have another post of some engagement shoots by midweek and probably a LOOOOONG overdue "dear murphy" post.

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Blogger KR said...

I can't imagine two better photographers to work with. You guys were truly amazing and wonderful and helped to make the weekend excellent.

The pictures are beautiful. Ten-thousand thank yous.

(and thank you for not driving off the road in the middle of the night.)


October 14, 2008 2:16 PM  

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